1939 is a remixed collection of recordings made in 1939 or shortly thereafter. Original recordings can be found at the Library of Congress’ American Memory’s Voices from the Dust Bowl: Migrant Worker Collection. All original recordings are the property of the Association for Cultural equity and are used with permission. I am deeply indebted to the ethnomusicologists who recorded so much fantastic music for posterity as well as the original singers who generously allowed their voices to be recorded over 70 years ago. I am equally indebted to the Association for Cultural Equity for their help with this project. Thank you.

The complete album is available on itunes, Amazon, CDbaby etc.

Radiofred — 1939 Vol. I (tracks 1-6)

Ain’t Gonna Rain


All the Best Friends I Had

Please Drive Me Home

Hug Em in Sebring

Raise the Window